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Within Little Tinkers, the setting is split down into three main areas - Under 2s, 2-3s and
Each space has been specifically and carefully designed to take into account the emotional and developmental needs of the children within it.

Under 2s

Children typically remain in this room until the month following their second birthday. It has a calming sensory area, black and white zone and direct access to a large all-weather play area. The ratios we work to within the Under 2s room are 1:3, with a maximum capacity of nine children and three staff.


Children can expect to be in this room until around the term following their
third birthday. It steps up from the Under 2s room and develops core
concepts such as small world play and includes a reading area.
We also have direct access to a toilet for those who are potty training.
Our 2-3s room has a maximum capacity of 12 children and three staff.


Children remain in this room until they progress on to Primary School. It provides resources for more challenging concepts such as role play, and has a quiet area. There are child-sized toilets directly off the main room to allow development of independence. It has free flow access to a large play area, with a gate which provides access directly to Torkington Park. The ratios we work to within Pre-School are 1:8, with a maximum capacity of 16 children and two staff.

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